Finance Committee

  • Cllr Phil Bennett (WH) (Chair)
  • Cllr Chan Mistry (L) (Vice-Chair)
  • Cllr Ro Baillie (L)
  • Cllr Martin Horwood (L)
  • Cllr Jonathan White (L)
  • Arlene Deane (RFO & Clerk)

Planning Committee (this committee has delegated authority to make decisions)

  • Cllr Martin Hutchings (WH) (Chair)
  • Cllr Phil Bennett (WH) (Vice-Chair)
  • Cllr Stephen Cooke (L)
  • Cllr Ro Baillie (L)
  • Cllr Jacqui Newport-Black (L)

Planning Committee Terms of Reference

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

  • Cllr. Martin Horwood (Lead)
  • Cllr. Ian White
  • Cllr. Viv Matthews
  • Cllr. Phil Bennett
  • Cllr. Jo Halsall

Warden Hill Community Working Group

  • Cllr Ian White (Lead)
  • Cllr Anne Regan
  • Cllr Phil Bennett
  • Cllr Tony Oliver
  • Cllr Martin Hutchings

Highways and Traffic Monitoring Working Group

  • Cllr. Tony Oliver (Lead)
  • Cllr. Stephen Cooke
  • Cllr. Anne Regan
  • Cllr. Viv Matthews
  • Cllr. Martin Horwood
  • C/Cllr. Emma Nelson
  • David Pritchett (GCC Highways)
  • Simon Griffin (resident member)

Environment Working Group (includes Air Polution)

  • Cllr Jonathan White (L) Lead
  • Cllr Kit Braunholtz (L)
  • Cllr Martin Horwood (L)
  • Cllr Chan Mistry
  • Mr Brian Kiely (Resident member)
  • Mr Peter Frings (monitors the diffusion tubes and provides monthy data report and the annual report)

Leckhampton Community Working Group

  • Cllr Kit Braunholtz (Lead)
  • Cllr Martin Horwood
  • Cllr Ro Baillie
  • Cllr Viv Matthews
  • Cllr Stephen Cooke
  • Cllr Roger Fox
  • Cllr Jo Halsall
  • Cllr Jonathan White
  • Cllr Chan Mistry
  • Cllr Jacqui Newport-Black

Flood Defence Group

  • Cllr Ian White (WH) (Lead and flood warden)
  • Cllr Anne Regan (WH)

Snow Wardens

  • Cllr Jonathan White (L)
  • Cllr Chan Mistry (L)
  • Cllr Kit Braunholtz (L) Leckhampton Lane/Crippetts corner
  • Cllr Phil Bennett (WH)
  • Cllr Anne Regan (WH)

Police Liaison

  • Cllr Tony Oliver for both wards