Traffic monitoring in the Parish

Two traffic monitoring units have been purchased by the Parish Council. These were purchased to investigate residents' concerns about excessive vehicle speed, volume of traffic and road safety issues, especially near schools.

The monitors can be fixed to different lamp posts and moved between them, or used on a tripod. They acquire timed data about vehicle numbers and speeds in specific locations. The information obtained can be used to inform strategic issues, for example related to new developments or schools.

Although the vehicle speed data recorded cannot be used to prosecute drivers, if evidence of antisocial driving or speeding is found, the results can be used to request further intervention and/or enforcement by the local Police. The units do not themselves record photographs or other means to identify individual vehicles.

The units can only be deployed on lamp posts owned and specifically approved by Gloucestershire County Council. There are strict selection criteria which limits the choice of sites for fixed deployment.

Both units acquire data but only one displays vehicle speed. The regulations stipulate that the display of vehicle speed is only permitted for limited periods at a time. When the display is turned off, the unit continues to acquire data.

The project is led by Councillors Stephen Cooke and Emma Nelson on behalf of the Parish Council. If you would like to volunteer to help or get involved please make contact through the Parish Clerk.

This is the current list of 11 lamp posts agreed for us to mount our traffic monitoring units:-

  • PL 33 Church Road
  • PL 28 Shurdington Road
  • PL7 Charlton Lane
  • PL5 Pilley Lane
  • PL18 Kidnappers Lane
  • PL12 Kidnappers Lane
  • PL2 Shurdington Road
  • PL33 Woodlands Road
  • PL9 Farmfield Road
  • PL47 Leckhampton Road
  • PL41 Old Bath Road

We still need to find solutions in Church Road, Moorend Road and Farm Lane.

Radar BounceYou may notice the monitor flashing what appears to be an inaccurate speed. For example, when the unit was mounted on the A46 heading into town just south of the Moorend Road traffic lights, you might be approaching the lights slowly in a queue of traffic, but see the monitor flash say "42". This is due to "Radar Bounce" which occurs when there is a high vehicle in the queue (eg a bus or van) having a large metal surface area. The unit operates by sending out a continuous set of pulses and picks up the strongest signal thus, with the signal effectively temporarily blocked by the van, the unit then picks up the signal from a moving vehicle travelling on the far side of the road heading south, going at 42 mph.

Here is a summary of the data collected so far