Latest news as at 19th May 2022

Application No: 22/0011/CHR3MJ (District Reference 22/00462/DEEM3)
Proposal: Variation of condition 3(Scope of Development) relating to planning consnent 21/0024/CHR3MJ dated 08/09/2021 for the Removal of time restrictions in full, to allow the new school to continue operating unrestricted hours that have been in place since the school opened in 1962.

This is to inform you that Planning Committee has granted planning permission for the above proposal. The decision notice can be viewed online at

Latest information 2nd June 2021

Please see the Parish Council response to the revised application here

Latest information as at 19th May 2021

The revised application has been put out for consultation with a deadline date of June 9th 2021 to respond. To access all of the supporting documents please use this link

  • 21/0024/CHR3MJ Re-development of Warden Hill primary school. (PDF, 103 Kb)

    Re-development of Warden Hill primary school. Construction of new 14 Classroom Primary school to immediate south of existing school. The existing buildings remaining in place while the new building is constructed. New car parking, improved pedestrian access and improved playing field

Latest information as at 17th February 2021

Gloucestershire County Council have given the public the opportunity to view the proposals before a planning application is submitted. Please note this proposal is not an expansion of the school.

The Parish Council have responded and the link to that response is here

Warden Hill Primary School is a two form entry primary school (420 pupils) located in Durham Close, Warden Hill, Cheltenham.

Warden Hill Primary is rated as an 'outstanding' school by Ofsted, however, surveys of the buildings show the school is in need of extensive refurbishment. The council has identified Warden Hill Primary School as its highest priority in terms of condition works to be undertaken within the county.

In 2018 Gloucestershire County Council consulted on the proposal to expand the school to a three form entry school (630 pupils). The decision to expand the school was deferred to March 2020 to so that the latest birth data could be reviewed, and a decision was subsequently taken not to expand the school as there would be sufficient capacity for pupil numbers in the area.

Funding was originally approved to expand Warden Hill Primary School and to address condition issues at the school within current premises. Although the expansion is not being progressed at this time, the condition of the buildings remains a significant concern and in November 2020 Gloucestershire County Council's cabinet approved additional funding to replace the existing school buildings. Detailed investigations showed that retaining the existing buildings through an extensive maintenance programme would not be an efficient use of resources and it would be better to replace the school buildings.