Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Council

The Parish Council is comprised of a committee of 18 Parish Councillors, who give their time on a voluntary basis, to help enhance the life of the local community.

Most services in the Parish are provided by either Gloucestershire County Council or Cheltenham Borough Council and your elected representatives on those Councils, Cllr Iain Dobie, Cllr Tony Oliver, Cllr Stephen Cooke and Cllr Martin Horwood are there to monitor that services are being provided efficiently, represent your views and answer any queries you may have.

A Parish precept is levied as part of your Council Tax. This provides a budget to enable some services and functions to be delegated to the Parish Council on the basis that the local community will better identify those services which are of most value to the area.

These services and functions include:

  • Working with and allocating grants to various local voluntary organisations such as the Brizen Youth Trust, in Bloom for Warden Hill, FOLK, Leckhampton and Warden Hill Scouts, the Cotswold Volunteer Group, local schools and Sue Ryder.
  • Installing and maintaining the Multi Use Games Area(MUGA) and Toddlers Play Area on Salisbury Avenue and more recently the plan to upgrade the Spindles play area in The Lanes.
  • Creating and maintaining a Neighbourhood Plan to help protect our area from inappropriate development.
  • Reviewing local Planning Applications submitted within the area to assess whether these comply with our Neighbourhood Plan.
  • There are also sub-committees which look at; Finance, Monitoring Air Pollution, dealing with Highways issues, Traffic Prevention, promoting Community Engagement, Public Transport liaison, Flood Prevention.

The Parish Council Chairman is Penny Henty and the Parish Councillors representing

Leckhampton are: Penny Henty, Adrian Mears, Stephen Cooke, Martin Horwood, Vivienne Matthews, Margaret White, Elizabeth Barker, James Parker, Peter Frings and Ian Bickerton.

Warden Hill are: Rosemary Baillie, Phil Bennett, Iain Dobie, Emma Nelson, Anne Regan, Tony Oliver and Ian White.

The Parish Council meets monthly. We are encouraging residents to become Parish Volunteers. Many people do not have the time to belong to a committee but are keen to help where they can. Current planned local community projects include : Participating in Litter Picks, Speed Prevention checks, Air Pollution Monitoring, helping to plant and maintain our local floral displays. Helping to organise community events.

If you are interested in helping with any of these, or have any ideas for other projects then please contact the Parish Clerk, Arlene Deane, on 01242 465762 or e-mail her at clerk@leckhamptonwithwardenhill-pc.gov.uk

The Parish Council elections are held every four years, with the next one being in 2022. All those currently on the Parish council have to put themselves up for re-election is they want to continue. This is when others in the community can come forward to stand if they would like to. We currently have a vacancy for Leckhampton, which we will advertise shortly. There is a Cheltenham Borough Council process we need to follow.

Parish Maps

Following a Community Governance review, this parish boundary changed on 1st April 2018 and a map of the new parish can be seen here. We are awaiting a better map.