Local Elections - 6th May 2021

Local Elections - 6th May 2021

There are 4 sets of elections on May 6th in Leckhampton and Warden Hill.

They are for:

  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire
  • County Councillor for Leckhampton with Warden Hill
  • Borough Councillors for Leckhampton and also Warden Hill
  • Parish Councillor for Leckhampton

The notification documents for each are below:

Police and Crime Commissioner election

Police & Crime Commissioner election for the Gloucestershire police area

Gloucestershire County Council Election of County Councillors

Cheltenham Borough Council Election of Borough Councillors

Election of a Parish Councillor for the Leckhampton Ward of the Parish of Leckhampton with Warden Hill

Posted: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 14:16 by James Parker

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