Latest Traffic monitoring results

Latest Traffic monitoring results

We had the SID on Farmfield Road and the monitor box on Kidnappers Lane (on the bend) to capture traffic going from Shurdington Road up to Church Road.

Farmfield Road - little evidence of consistent speeding, just 5 - 7% of vehicles going over limit of 30 mph with the majority of drivers averaging 28 mph.

Interestingly, weekly term-time volume is 14% lower in March/ April than last September, possibly because more people are walking / cycling

Kidnappers Lane - no speeding issue here; majority of drivers averaging 25 mph.

Understandably, volumes here are significantly higher (up 29%) than the last time we measured in December 2020.

This afternoon 25/4 units will be deployed on Old Bath Road (box) opposite Kenneth Close, and on Charlton Lane (SID)

Posted: Thu, 29 Apr 2021 15:35 by Arlene Deane

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