Chair's overview of the Parish Council's work in 2020/21

Chair's overview of the Parish Council's work in 2020/21

Highlights from the Chair's report to the Annual Parish meeting on 15 April 2021. The full report is linked below along wiith reports from the Council's working Groups, The Brizen Trustees and the Youth and Green Space report.

In an extraordinary year the Council has had to adapt its activities and its way of doing business and has done so successfully.


The Council prides itself on how involved it is in the community and we work with other organisations such as the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens, CBC, the PROW office to name but a few to enable important improvements in the Parish. We had to delay several projects due to Covid and these will be now be initiated during this coming year.

  • Friendship benches for Warden Hill
  • Trim trail for Burrows Field
  • Additional bus service for Warden Hill
  • Summer youth initiative at Brizen.

We have an ambitious set of new projects for the year ahead

  • Substantial support to Leckhampton Rovers Football Club who have raised significant amounts of money to allow for a major refurbishment of the club house and the pitches.
  • Climate Change and to identify practical ways to reduce our carbon footprint: we have already started planting more trees.
  • Consultation is due to start on painting double yellow lines at danger spots around the Parish and we have a matched funding promise from GCC. We take unsafe parking seriously and some of our residents might have been unlucky enough to have one of our 'parking' notices affixed to their windscreen!

Planning and the environment

The Parish Council provided significant input to the Cheltenham Plan adopted last July.

The Plan formally confirmed the Leckhampton Fields Local Green Space which hopefully will permanently protect the majority of the Fields and the footpath network and also preserve the view from Leckhampton Hill.

The Council has responded to a number of key planning consultations during the last year.. Of these the most high profile and most complex have been the new High School and the proposed Miller Homes development. Of key concern is the need to protect the valued landscape of the Leckhampton Fields, identified in the Secretary of State's findings in 2016. The National Planning Policy Framework, which is the cornerstone of planning, requires that valued landscape is protected. Yet the County Council in its application for the school ignored this requirement. Similarly Miller Homes are proposing to build on part of the valued landscape and also to damage the area of the smallholdings footpath.


The combination of the school and the proposed Miller Homes development threatens to create very severe cumulative traffic congestion on the A46, worse even than that identified in the Secretary of State's findings in the Bovis-Miller planning appeal in 2016. Currently the Miller Homes application and a smaller application by Kendrick Homes have been held back at the request of Gloucestershire Highways. A working group of parish councils along the A46 has been formed, led by Brockworth, to examine the problem of the A46.

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