Lotts Meadow - posts which have been put up

This is the new notice on the posts at Lotts Meadow.


We are allowing this corner of the field to grow up and become improved wildlife habitat. The posts are in place to mark the area and help direct future management. It will not be fenced but you will help us by using the alternative, main footpaths and reducing disturbance in this area.

We have also made two hibernacula which can be used by a range of wildlife for shelter. They will soon regrow with vegetation and blend in to their surroundings. Please do not climb on them or disturb wildlife that may be using them.

Please note these improvements have been approved by Cheltenham Borough Council.

The meadow is owned by Bovis (now called Vistry) although it is part of Cheltenham's green spaces and can't be built on unless the law changes. The area behind the posts is going to be a conservation area. Vistry are going to develop the area around the small holdings towards the A40 (the North Fields) they are going to catch and move wildlife from the Hatherley Brook area (such as frogs, lizards etc) that will be disturbed by the building work they are doing. They are going to release them in the top end of Lotts Meadow which will be allowed to grow. They won't fence it off so that the wildlife can move freely into the rest of the meadow. People can continue to walk in the Meadow but please can they observe the new route.

The Parish Council wrote to Vistry to ask them to make clear on the signs that CBC have approved this and a little more about the scheme. They have kindly done his.

We have also asked if they can consider planting more trees there and highlighted the dangers to wildlife if fencing is erected.

Posted: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 09:10 by Arlene Deane

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