Clean Air Cheltenham

A group of local residents have set up a new organisation called Clean Air Cheltenham. Their website has just gone live ( and you can follow them on Twitter (@CleanAirChelt) and Facebook ( objective is to inspire people to collaborate to help achieve better air quality in Cheltenham.To start with they are organising some local events to celebrate Clean Air Day on October 8th, and in the future, their objective is " work with people pursuing similar aims, such as cycling and environmental groups, tree-planting organisations, residents' associations, health professionals, businesses and schools. We want to act as a catalyst to encourage collaborative action between everyone concerned with the quality of air in the town, particularly with regard to radical challenges to the dominance of cars and traffic in Cheltenham."Three particular projects are to

  • install more particulate monitors across Cheltenham
  • campaign for a Car-Free Day in Cheltenham in 2021
  • work to implement the kind of changes we need to make in Cheltenham so that we become like a Dutch or Belgian town – where cyclists and walkers and public transport get priority and the big majority of transport investment

Posted: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 08:35 by Arlene Deane

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