Nature Reserves

In Warden Hill there is an open space known as Weavers Field which, after much campaigning, was awarded Queen Elizabeth II status.

Weavers Field

In 2012 a petition was presented to the Mayor of Cheltenham from over 1000 residents of the Warden Hill area to save the beautiful green space known as Weavers Field from becoming a massive allotment site complete with car park!! The support of the Parish Council in this very emotive matter (which headlined many Echo reports at the time) saved the field and the action group obtained QE11 status for all time, it is now well used by the local people as an area of peace and tranquillity.

The present, unrestricted area of Weaver's field allows keen footballers to freely kick their ball around without interfering with other users and not having to avoid traffic or annoy householders.

One can see kite flyers, model aeroplane enthusiasts, together with footballers and dog walkers using this beautiful open space without hindrance to one another.

In the warmer weather there are secret hideaways in the wooded area and little ones to let their imagination run riot with parents enjoying the experience as well. Blackberries in abundance, damsons and plums to gather, enough for all. There is a stunning panoramic view from the crest of the hill. On a clear day, with a back light, the Malvern Hills can be clearly seen. Chosen Hill with its little church now visible after the restoration work has been carried out. A splendid view of our Iconic Devils Chimney escarpment of Leckhampton hill, swinging round to Cleeve Hill and the masts with the much photographed trees outlined on the sky line. Finally the Church Spires of St Marks and the two town churchs of St Gregory's and St Mathews. Where else can you sit and appreciate all of our beautiful town and surrounding landscape. Especially in the shade of a large Oak Tree.

It is indeed a jewel in the crown of Warden Hill.