Latest information as at 19th November

CBC planning have confirmed that they are still aiming for 16th December planning committee to consider this application.

Another 45 New/Revised Documents were submitted on 19 November 2021

You can still write in with your comments. Please note that any previous comments you have made will stand so CBC are only looking for comments on the revised plans (31st August onwards)

You can write to

Latest information as at 13th October

Supplementary Submission by Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Council to CBC as a result of the revised planning application by Miller Homes

Latest informaton 9th September

Miller Homes revised APPLICATION NO: 20/01788/FUL received from CBC on September 9th

Latest information 13th January 2021

Letter written to Miller homes CEO from CBC Cllrs Max Wilkinson and Vicoria Atherstone regarding the climate emergency and new proposed homes in Leckhampton(20/01788/FUL

Latest information 3rd December 2020

The Parish Council has submitted its response to the application, which can be viewed in full via this link.

The Parish Council welcomes the application in terms of providing more housing including 40% affordable housing that is much needed. The Council believes it will be a good development to live in. But in section 2 of the response the Council has had to object to the application on grounds of unacceptable damage to the valued landscape of the Leckhampton Fields. Further, in section 3 we have had to object because the development together with the new secondary school could create severe traffic congestion in the term-time peak morning traffic period unless the proposed improvement to the traffic flow at the A46/Moorend Park Road intersection can be made to work.

The Council believes the development is unlikely to pose any flooding risk to Warden Hill (see section 6 of the response). The Council has also made recommendations on ecology and wildlife protection (see section 5) and on pollution, carbon reduction and providing good foot and cycle access to the new secondary school for pupils in Leckhampton (see section 7).

Section 4 of the response discusses the future of the smallholdings along the public footpath. These smallholdings are part of the special landscape character that contributed to the area being identified as Valued Landscape by the Secretary of State in 2016. We are therefore very concerned to protect the landscape character along both sides of the footpath.

Miller Homes are proposing to convert the smallholdings on the south side of the footpath into a community meadow/orchard together with some small allotments and to retain the existing small apple orchard. This seems to us to have quite a lot of merit for landscape, ecology and public amenity. But we are interested in also preserving the hens/poultry that are part of the character and interest.

On the north side of the footpath Miller Homes are proposing to remove the smallholdings in order to make more room for housing. These smallholdings have a lot of interesting character and charm that certainly makes them part of the valued landscape. We are consulting with the existing tenants on whether these smallholdings are sustainable in the future, perhaps as a mix of smallholdings and public allotments and either at their current width (20 to 30 metres) or reduced in width to maybe 15 metres, enough to preserve the outbuildings. It is of course proposed in all events that the housing to the north of the smallholdings will need to be screened from view from the footpath by means of tall hedging and trees.

We would be very grateful if residents who use the footpath through the smallholdings could give the Parish Council any views they have on the future of the smallholdings, what they value in the smallholdings, and how best to protect their landscape value. Please send any comments you wish to make to: or call 07739719079

Miller Homes Planning application 20/01788/FUL for 350 homes on the land at Shurdington Road, Leckhampton. Full planning application for residential development comprising 350 dwellings, open space, cycleways, footpaths, landscaping, access roads and other associated infrastructure.

Documents can be found via the link above and the Parish Council needs to respond by December 3rd, however the PC can, as can the public, respond up until the time that the application goes to committee. Likely to be January or February 2021. We will keep everyone posted.