New Secondary School in Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Consultation ref 19/0058/CHR3MJ

Latest information as at 14th May 2020

The above planning application 19/0058/CHR3MJ was considered at the virtual Planning Committee yesterday. Members were unanimous in their acceptance of the recommendation as follows:

RECOMMENDATION: That the Planning Committee be minded to grant planning permission for the reasons summarised in paragraphs 8.157 to 8.166 subject to the application being first referred to the Secretary of State as requested by him to consider as a departure application from the adopted local plan, the prior completion of a S106 planning agreement to secure the long term safeguarding of the ecological mitigation land to the rear of Moat Cottage and in accordance with Regulation 3 of the Town and Country Planning General Regulations 1992 and subject to the conditions set out in section 8 of this report.

There was a slight amendment to the recommended planning conditions in that highway conditions 5, 8 and 10 were deleted and condition 12 was amended as per the attached sheet.

LATEST INFORMATION as at 4th May 2020

This is to inform you that Planning Committee will be held Thursday 14 May 2020 at 10.00. A copy of the Planning Committee Report will be available on 5 May 2020. Please note that all planning application documents are available to view online at

This will be a virtual planning committee and members of the public who wish to view the committee meeting will still be able to via a link published on which will be available on the day.

Case Officer: Sarah Pearse, Craig Hemphill (representing Cheltenham Borough Council), County Councillor I Dobie (representing Leckhampton And Warden Hill) and a representative from Leckhampton/Warden Hill Parish Council, Up Hatherley Parish Council and Shurdington Parish Council are eligible to attend.

If you would like to register to speak please contact, Andrea Griffiths or Jo Bolton, on 01452 324206 (e-mail address or There will be 10 places (5 in support and 5 objecting) each will have 4 mins.

LATEST INFORMATION as at 25th February 2020

The application is not going to the March planning committee now as GCC have some mitigation work to undertake re ecology and environmentsal issues.

It is now due to go to the planning committee of 14th May, with a briefing and site visit scheduled for May 7th.

If approved the school will now not be ready for occupation in Sept 2021.

GCC and Balcarras are currently discussing what a temporary solution would look like for the interim period.

LATEST INFORMATION as January 16th 2020.

GCC have confirmed that this application will not be going to a planning committee meeting until March this year.

LATEST INFORMATION 17th December 2019

On 17th December the Parish Council submitted a further response to some additional documents posted on GCC planning portal. Please see the document section below for a copy.

Currently GCC are aiming for the application to go to the January planning committee, date to be advised. The Parish Council will request that it can make representation at that committee meeting.

Residents can continue to respond to the application via the links below.

Gloucestershire County Council have put out to consultation the planning application 19/0058/CHR3MJ for the construction of a new senior school in Leckhampton

Proposal: The construction of a new 6 forms of entry secondary school building, with a new all-weather pitch, sports playing fields, a multi-use games area, on site parking and other associated works.

Location: Land Between, Farm Lane/Kidnappers Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

The application documents are available to view online at

Residents had until Oct 3rd to comment either by logging into the GCC planning portal link above or by emailing or by writing to:

Sarah Pearce
Planning Dept
Shire Hall
Westgate Street

The Parish Council, as a consultee, has had meetings with GCC Highways, with CBC planning and also held a public meeting on Sept 28th in order to help determine its response. The Parish Council had until Oct 16th to respond and a copy of that response is posted on the GCC planning portal and below in the document section.