Cllr Kit Braunholtz

Cllr Kit Braunholtz

Leckhampton Ward

01242 862327

Kit has lived in Cheltenham since 1954 (except for three years assigned to a post in Washington DC), and in Leckhampton since 1962; and since 1968 on the corner of Crippetts Lane and Church Road, (technically just in Shurdington but spiritually in Leckhampton!).

Since 1970, and particularly after his retirement from GCHQ, he has been active in the environmental movement and in Local Government in various ways:-

He was;

  • the Chairman of the Cheltenham Branch of the Conservation Society for several years in the 1970's.
  • the Co-ordinator of the Cheltenham Group of Friends of the Earth for three years in the 1980's.
  • elected to the Leckhampton Parish Council in the early 1990's;
  • stood for the post of Gloucestershire Councillor for Leckhampton with Up Hatherley, and was successfully elected in 1993, running under the slogan "Keep Leckhampton Green!"
  • served on the Environment Committee of the County Council (and the Planning sub-committee) for four years.
  • founded the environmental group "Leckhampton Green Land Action Group" (LEGLAG) in 1993, and was the Chairman of the Group for many years. The declared objective of this group was and still is:- "To protect the attractive green fields in and around Leckhampton from inappropriate large-scale development". (His wording)

Kit is married with three grown-up children. His wife Valerie retired from GCHQ after the birth of their elder son on 1959, and later trained to become a primary school teacher first at Lynworth and later Rowanfield, and then a Governor of Greatfield Primary School for some years. All our three children (David, Alan, and Helen) attended Leckhampton Primary School and then went on to a local Grammar School.