Cllr Chan Mistry

Cllr Chan Mistry

Leckhampton Ward

07881 551713

Chan has lived in Cheltenham for over 30 years, living in Leckhampton for most of that time.

She worked for EDF for 25 years in a variety of IT roles, retiring in December 2018. Since then, she has undertaken multiple volunteering positions including Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for her local area, which she took over in Sept 2019. She wanted the role to be much more than just about crime and incident statistics and has tried to make it more community focused.

Over the last couple of years, she has become involved with many issues arising within The Lanes community e.g., sewer smells, parking issues, walking paths, balancing ponds issues, fallen tree, lighting issues etc. She has become increasingly involved in these issues with a very engaged community and hopes that that by becoming a Parish Councillor she will be better able to represent and influence community issues.