10 June 1921 - 09 April 2021

Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Council joins the nation in mourning the death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

REF: ROW/3249302 PRoW and Commons Casework (Verification and tech survey)

This survey is to support the preparatory work being undertaken in the above referenced case. Although the public health restrictions associated with the Coronavirus pandemic vary between regions, we are continuing to process casework. Currently, physical hearings and inquiries (where people travel to and meet in a hearing or inquiry room) are suspended and we are intending to provide additional opportunities for parties to make written submissions and for Orders and applications to be determined based on these written submissions and an unaccompanied site visit (USV). This will be the default method of determination which will be offered to the parties.

Some casework may be conducted on the basis of written representations and a site visit where parties accompany the inspector (ASV). In accordance with current guidelines that meetings should not take place between members of more than six different households, an ASV will not be possible if more than five parties request attendance. Parties are encouraged to work together to determine how their interests can be represented in such circumstances.

In those cases where determination is not considered possible on written exchanges and a site visit, we intend to conduct hearings and inquiries as either virtual events where people participate using landline or mobile telephones or internet connected devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers) or as 'blended' events (where people could either participate face to face with appropriate social distancing or participate virtually via telephone or an internet connected device.

In order to plan ahead, taking account of the current and changing advice in relation to the current public health restrictions and the holding of public gatherings, we are seeking some information to assist in deciding on the most appropriate procedure for future casework. In the interests of fairness to all parties concerned, we would find it helpful if you could provide the following information on the above mentioned case within the next 14 days.

The information collected in the questionnaire is subject to the Planning Inspectorate's privacy policies: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/810383/Privacy_Statement_-_ROW_V2.pdf and https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/common-land-guidance-sheet-13-privacy-policy

Please use this form to provide your current contact details. We recognise that you may have provided some of this information before, but many people have adjusted their home and working arrangements in response to the coronavirus pandemic, so this is an important opportunity for you to let us know about any changes to your contact details that might affect your participation.

Please note that we are requesting that all documents are submitted electronically. Contact us via email on Rightsofway2@planninginspectorate.gov. uk or commonlandcasework@planninginspectorate.gov.uk To assist in the processing of submission documents it would be helpful if they can be named and their origin clearly identifiable, for example 'OMA Statement of Case.doc', 'Mrs X photograph list' etc

May 6th 2021 Elections

6th May 2021 Elections

There are 4 sets of elections on May 6th in Leckhampton and Warden Hill.

They are for:

  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire
  • County Councillor for Leckhampton with Warden Hill
  • Borough Councillors for Leckhampton and also Warden Hill
  • Parish Councillor for Leckhampton

The notification documents for each are below:

Police and Crime Commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioner election

Police & Crime Commissioner election for the Gloucestershire police area

County Council

Gloucestershire County Council Election of County Councillors for the Electoral Divisions listed below

Borough Council

Cheltenham Borough Council Election of Borough Councillors for the Wards listed below

Parish Council

Election of a Parish Councillor for the Leckhampton Ward of the Parish of Leckhampton with Warden Hill

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Neighbourhood plan

The Parish Council approved the Neighbourhood Plan at 7th January 2021 meeting. The document, which is lengthy, contains detailed evidence and policy, primarily for consideration by CBC Planners and Government Inspectors. The Neighbourhood Plan will now move to a REG14 public examination and formal examination in public with a Planning Inspector. This Neighbourhood Plan has been in preparation for many years and progressed in unison with the Joint Core Strategy and the Cheltenham Local Plan, which was adopted in July 2020.

As part of our Public Consultation, the Parish Council will circulate a summary document to residents, together with a questionnaire to capture views. We will do this as soon as we can but that won't be until some of the current COVID restrictions are lifted. We will keep the website updated.

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Leckhampton with Warden Hill is one of only five parishes within Cheltenham Borough Council's area; much of Cheltenham is not parished, and is located in the south of Cheltenham.

It is a pleasant place to live, being conveniently situated for a wide variety of local amenities in and around Cheltenham. The area is served by several good schools.

The area is surrounded by a number of green open spaces, with Leckhampton sitting at the foot of Leckhampton Hill and centred around the medival parish church of St Peter's. Warden Hill is served by two churches, St Christopher's and the United Reformed Church, and has a local shopping area for the benefit of residents.

One of the main priorities of the parish council is to protect the area from over development and consequently the Council has spent a considerable amount of time gathering evidence to present to the planning authorities about how the proposals for development in the area contained in the Joint Core Strategy would be harmful to the area and residents.

Just over a year ago the Parish Council started monitoring air pollution and installed diffusion tubes around the Parish and also used a portable particulates monitor to carry out a series of readings
in Church Road, close to Leckhampton School. We are now trialling a new particulates monitor from PurpleAir, and plan to install 3 or 4 more around the parish. See our Air Pollution page

There are a number of community groups in the area also and you can find them in the directory section

The Council also strongly supports the young people of the area and was instrumental in having The Brizen Young People's Centre built. The building is now leased to the Parish Council by Cheltenham Borough Council and run by a small and conscientious group of trustees, led by its Chairman Dr Jodie Underhill and Parish Cllr Anne Regan the Vice Chair.

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Gloucestershire County Council has made an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) to temporarily close part of 490591 Brooksdale Lane from its junction with Croft Street to its junction with Shurdington Road for a distance of approximately 114metres.

The reason for the closure is to install a new service supply. The road is expected to be closed between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00 from 20th April 2021 until 23rd April 2021 only or until the works have been completed. More »

For further information, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514 or visit www.gloucestershire.gov.uk.

Alternative Route –assigned on site.

Pedestrian access to premises on or next to the road and emergency access will be maintained. » Less

Posted: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 11:49 by Arlene Deane

Cotswold Wardens install stone path from Merlin Way

Cotswold Wardens install stone path from Merlin Way

Thanks to Wayne Sedgwick, the CBC ranger, and the Cotswold Wardens for organising and installing the footpath from Merlin Way to the bridge over the stream.

They managed to put all the stone down in four hours, which is amazing work.

Positive comments from all that passed by.

Alll the other "desire lines2 are closed with brash to encourage all to use the new path.

Thanks to all who made this possible

Posted: Wed, 14 Apr 2021 21:31 by Arlene Deane


The road is expected to be closed between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00 from 20th April 2021 until 23rd April 2021 only or until the works have been completed. For further information, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514 or visit www.gloucestershire.gov.uk

Posted: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 17:34 by Arlene Deane