Parish Council Community Magazine. Summer 2020

If you are self-isolating and finding it difficult to prepare meals:

  • Cheltenham Long table offers 7 x home-cooked nutritionally balanced meals for £25. Ring 01242 323693 or email Every meal bought helps fund free meals for those in need across Gloucestershire.

Cook Cheltenham, 248 Bath Road have a great selection of high-quality frozen ready meals and offer free delivery on orders over £40, or you can use their click and collect service. Simply telephone them on 01242 571464 to place a home delivery order or shop online.

If you are struggling financially, please know that help is available:

  • Message Springbank Community Food Bank through their FB page or for those that don't use Facebook send a text message to 07545 324225 before 10 o'clock in the morning and they will arrange delivery of a food parcel to you that day.
  • To get help from Cheltenham Food Bank, contact a referring agency such as Citizen's Advice or Social Services. They will provide a Food Voucher, and will arrange delivery on a Wednesday or Friday.


This covers meetings until the 7th May 2021

  • Meetings can be cancelled without further notice.
  • There is no requirement to hold an Annual Council meeting this year, the Chairman (and any other appointees) continues to the next annual meeting, or such time as the Council may determine.
  • Meetings can be held "electronic, digital or virtual locations such as internet locations, web addresses or conference call telephone numbers"
  • To be classified as in attendance the Councillor must be able to hear and be heard (therefore they could phone in to a video conference call)
  • The legal requirement for the number of meetings which need to be held in a year is 3
  • Meetings must still be properly convened and able to be attended by members of the public
  • The notice doesn't have to be put up in notice boards but must be up on the website.
  • There is no provision within the regulations in relation to Annual Parish and Town Meetings. However, currently these cannot take place face to face, we await further information

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Leckhampton with Warden Hill is one of only five parishes within Cheltenham Borough Council's area; much of Cheltenham is not parished, and is located in the south of Cheltenham.

It is a pleasant place to live, being conveniently situated for a wide variety of local amenities in and around Cheltenham. The area is served by several good schools.

The area is surrounded by a number of green open spaces, with Leckhampton sitting at the foot of Leckhampton Hill and centred around the medival parish church of St Peter's. Warden Hill is served by two churches, St Christopher's and the United Reformed Church, and has a local shopping area for the benefit of residents.

One of the main priorities of the parish council is to protect the area from over development and consequently the Council has spent a considerable amount of time gathering evidence to present to the planning authorities about how the proposals for development in the area contained in the Joint Core Strategy would be harmful to the area and residents.

Just over a year ago the Parish Council started monitoring air pollution and installed diffusion tubes around the Parish and also used a portable particulates monitor to carry out a series of readings
in Church Road, close to Leckhampton School. We are now trialling a new particulates monitor from PurpleAir, and plan to install 3 or 4 more around the parish. See our Air Pollution page

There are a number of community groups in the area also and you can find them in the directory section

The Council also strongly supports the young people of the area and was instrumental in having The Brizen Young People's Centre built. The building is now leased to the Parish Council by Cheltenham Borough Council and run by a small and conscientious group of trustees, led by its Chairman Dr Jodie Underhill and Parish Cllr Anne Regan the Vice Chair.

Latest News

Leckhampton Rovers Football Club and Burrows Field

Leckhampton Rovers Football Club have taken on a 21 year lease on the Pavilion and a 21 year licence on the playing fields at Burrows Field.

The project includes levelling the fields and refitting the pavilion to accommodate girls and disability football. The will cost approx £800k and LRFC are hoping to raise money via Redrow S106, from the Football Association and also County Cllr Dobie has allocated funds from his 'Growing the Community' fund. More »

A project team has been set up and includes 12 members from CBC. The project is currently due to start May 2021 at which time half the playing field will be levelled off and the pavilion will be refitted. The work on the remaining half of the field will start in May 2022.

The relevant CBC cabinet papers describing what has been agreed are available through this link:

FLOODLIGHTING is NOT being installed

The other proposals (the perimeter path and 'mini' trim trail) are separate projects to be funded by CBC and the Parish Council respectively.

The presentation papers Mark Beaney gave to the Parish Council on 3rd September is here » Less

Posted: Sat, 03 Oct 2020 08:43 by Arlene Deane

Clean Air Cheltenham

A group of local residents have set up a new organisation called Clean Air Cheltenham. Their website has just gone live ( and you can follow them on Twitter (@CleanAirChelt) and Facebook ( objective is to inspire people to collaborate to help achieve better air quality in Cheltenham.To start with they are organising some local events to celebrate Clean Air Day on October 8th, and in the future, their objective is " work with people pursuing similar aims, such as cycling and environmental groups, tree-planting organisations, residents' associations, health professionals, businesses and schools. We want to act as a catalyst to encourage collaborative action between everyone concerned with the quality of air in the town, particularly with regard to radical challenges to the dominance of cars and traffic in Cheltenham."Three particular projects are to More »

  • install more particulate monitors across Cheltenham
  • campaign for a Car-Free Day in Cheltenham in 2021
  • work to implement the kind of changes we need to make in Cheltenham so that we become like a Dutch or Belgian town – where cyclists and walkers and public transport get priority and the big majority of transport investment
  • » Less

Posted: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 08:35 by Arlene Deane

Lotts Meadow - posts which have been put up

This is the new notice on the posts at Lotts Meadow.


We are allowing this corner of the field to grow up and become improved wildlife habitat. The posts are in place to mark the area and help direct future management. It will not be fenced but you will help us by using the alternative, main footpaths and reducing disturbance in this area.

We have also made two hibernacula which can be used by a range of wildlife for shelter. They will soon regrow with vegetation and blend in to their surroundings. Please do not climb on them or disturb wildlife that may be using them. More »

Please note these improvements have been approved by Cheltenham Borough Council.

The meadow is owned by Bovis (now called Vistry) although it is part of Cheltenham's green spaces and can't be built on unless the law changes. The area behind the posts is going to be a conservation area. Vistry are going to develop the area around the small holdings towards the A40 (the North Fields) they are going to catch and move wildlife from the Hatherley Brook area (such as frogs, lizards etc) that will be disturbed by the building work they are doing. They are going to release them in the top end of Lotts Meadow which will be allowed to grow. They won't fence it off so that the wildlife can move freely into the rest of the meadow. People can continue to walk in the Meadow but please can they observe the new route.

The Parish Council wrote to Vistry to ask them to make clear on the signs that CBC have approved this and a little more about the scheme. They have kindly done his.

We have also asked if they can consider planting more trees there and highlighted the dangers to wildlife if fencing is erected. » Less

Posted: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 09:10 by Arlene Deane